About Us

Energy Research Institute BV ( ERI ) was founded on in 2007  by Drs.  Henk M.J. Janssen and Drs. Louis van der Linden in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. H. M. J. Janssen started the company with allready 30 years of experience in the production of PV and electrical devices.  In 2012 K. H. P. Janssen became the CEO and has since worked on making PV a more integrated solution for buildings and vehicles.

ERI B.V.  is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands  with  affiliates in three countries , one in Hong Kong, one in The Netherlands  and one in Switzerland . This helps to spread the efficiency of the Energy Research services and allows us to supply customers and services on a global network. The production of our products are always in agreement with the highest  European standards. We work with carefully choosen sales and distributing companies to be able to ensure a high quality service.

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The Vision and Mission

We care for the environment and believe in a cleaner future with clean air. For our civilazation this means investing in energy efficiency like insulation, sustainable energy, electric vehicles and renewable sources of energy. That also means that we have to produce and distribute products that, at least, should not improve political tensions in the world. After all there is an increasing need for fossil fuel caused by demographic growth and the demand for fuel by the expanding industry. The result is a longstanding competition for resources. This competition can be minimized by using PV for powering vehicles and industry.

Energy Research Institute aims to facilitate the manufacturing and distribution of energy saving products such as flexible solar panels. Because Energy Research Institute is associated with the Energy Research Group, which supply LED Lights and knowledge of years of researching, it is in an excellent position realizing its mission.

ERI brings an integrated solution for energy neutral buildings and vehicles. By applying PV technology in the construction of the roof. Combined with high power LED technology and infrared heating no fossil fuels have to be used to heat and light houses or power vehicles.

Products offered:

Flexible mono crystalline PV panels, Glass mono crystalline PV panels, Charge Controllers, Gel batteries, Lithium batteries, Infrared floor heating.

More information

National governments and international bodies such as the European Parliament and Commission can “guide” people to use “green” energy. This guidance may take the form of imposing extra taxes when traditional energy is used. The government can also stimulate the use of green energy by subsidizing, for instance, the purchase of solar panels, electric cars, etc.  Governments, businesses and individuals all need to work together to respond to the challenge. Strong, deliberate policy choices by governments are essential to motivate change.